mspaint diary 2011

mspaint diary 2011

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I love sequins

Buy war bonds, punch a nazi in the face!

Yer a wizard, Jessie!

Cowboys and Aliens. POW POW POW

A real question I was asked while working at Chester Frost Park.

Working at Chester Frost Park, sometimes people have encounters with wild animals, like raccoons.

I got a temp job giving surveys for market research.

I got a new temp job as a secretary.

Take thy talons from my heart and see that I can care no more

Happy Valentine's Day

Don't share drinks with your friends, they have germs

I have the best job ever!

I'm trying to beef up my resume

Don't be sad, Batman will dance with you.

Go to the prom with Clayface. He's totally a good date.

Just shoveled snow off our giant, steep drive way with a regular shovel and a hoe.

My face when I woke up to snow this morning

A dog got me on my run