mspaint diary 2012

mspaint diary 2012

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How far is it from the elevator to the waterfall? It's as far as it is from the Shire to Mordor, but don't worry you have my flashlight. and gimli's axe! and legolas's bow! and aragorn's sword!

Meanwhile at Gotham City Gardens

Transformers: Robots Eating Pies

A guy with a recorder and a ponytail braid walked into the cavern castle and started playing Christmas songs. He was teh best recorder player I've ever heard.

Heath let me shave his sideburns into lightning bolts

Scooby Doo redesign

"We're like one, big normal guy!"

Did you know that Harry Potter has a Tiny Voldemort living inside him?

My tour today was an older married couple and a guy that screamed, "RUUUUUUUUUUBY" the whole way there and back. The married couple LOVED HIM.

The Lich

Ruby Falls just won an award for tourist attraction of the year. It's so pretty!

Becca is a craft master

Carson and I just saw Man with the Iron Fists and now we are ready to have our own anime



I'm a monster

When things get crazy at the falls, it's good to have Dr. Bob on your side.

I get really nervous drawing stuff for people

Teendom has EVERY FLAVOUR of poptart except the kind I want, strawberry

This is an actual conversation I had yesterday!
Tourist: How big is Chattanooga? Like, what's the population?
Me: Uhhh, I don't know off the top of my head, but it's the fourth largest city in Tennessee
Tourist: Okay, well, can you tell me what the population of Chattanooga is compared to Rock City?
I tried really hard not to laugh after that but I was imagining the gnomes having a town meeting about the tourist problem in Rock City

MIA'S "Bad Girls" + Venture Bros henchman hoodie = ultimate fantasy self

Dear Diary, I haven't slept longer than five hours in three weeks.

I was depressed so Danielle gave me cornrows

This happened while I was operating the elevator today

Keldon is Mayor and I am Sheriff. We keep Ruby Falls in order.

Lance showed up to the house covered in blood while I was on the phone with my mom to tell her I broke my molar moments earlier. I cleaned him up and my tooth got fixed a few days later.

I went tandem skydiving for the first time. IT WAS AWESOME

I'm gonna devote the rest of my life to learning Beyonce's dance moves

Life According to Billy

Teendom Family Crest

My dad bought me an iphone

Gonna put on my shark hat, cause it's SHARK WEEK!

I am an expert at taking breaks at work

trying to watch dexter is hard with my issues with blood and a tv buddy that is never honest about appropriate times for me to open my eyes

More exciting true tales from the life of Jessie Bailey!

My friend Paige once literally had ants in her pants

Real Life Bar Experiences

when old people ask you why you don't have a boyfriend, what reason do you give?
Too busy eating, too busy being awesome, too busy dancing, too busy fighting crime,
because you're a dracula and you don't know what it means to love??

I never sleep. I'm a dracula

The Bonnaroo Experience

Once a week, Lance and I go swimming

pizza time!

Ghost times

I saw perfect getaway and it suuuucks. Probably because I guessed the twist


In the future, Steph will combine pizza and physical therapy for ultimate healing

Computer problems

Come at me bro

The best thing ever is taking a shower with a spider

Snake slayer

I don't wear practical clothes to fight crime

On my to-do list today: draw a real bear with laundry

Watching Stargate but dreaming of Kyle MacLachlan

Me, everyday on the job.

Just got the best job ever as a tour guide at Ruby Falls.

Ever get the feeling you're being followed?

be mine?

Chances are your pants are not as fancy as the pair of very fancy pants Jessie Bailey will wear to see joco and tmbg

Playing around with the electric trimmer ruined my eyebrow